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Just ran for about half an hour. Go me!


I should do that even earlier in the day, not at 11am, but hey it's a small victory.

after who knows how long

I think I've tried about three times to write another entry, but it kind of failed? lol

I just woke up and the bathroom door is snapped utterly shut.
I had a good breakfast today.
I need to get out of the house.

I spent almost the whole weekend at home, doing not much stuff.

I deleted PVZ because it was sucking up too uch of my time.

I managed to clear the couch.

I gave tuition.
As much as I could.
I finally finished writing my business data.

I haven't started compiling the ratio yet.
Things are changing.

I need to get back on track like last time.
I need to start pushing myself aga

I'll keep this one short. I'm tired and I have to go to bed.

I went to my friend's church for service just now, and at the end of it my mother suggested that I get prayed for. I was wearing my jacket and the pastor/prophet started praying for me and his snap judgment was that I was a guy.

Well... I really don't mind, and I think the male pronouns are more appropriate for me but the other adults around me were just all awkward like "uhhhh... She's a girl." which... Idk. I didn't like it when they said that.

It was the first time I was prayed for like that, and I never knew that somebody saying words like "strong and intelligent young man" and stuff like that just made so much of a difference, and who are people to decide what i actually like to be called by.

I know, I'm detracting away from the fact that I was prayed for? But my point here is that from all facets of society, through the words they use to children, it really would cause a big difference in the way they perceive themselves over the years, and I'll be honest, I'm disappointed that I "missed out" on the opportunity to be praised as a young man.

As to how I feel about this incident, I think I feel like Jacob 'accidentally' getting the blessings of Esau, even though i can't pinpoint the exact emotion that I feel right now.

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Apr. 9th, 2012

I really don't have much to say. Uh. this week, last week, and the week before were pretty horrible at my house. My parents seem to keep on shouting because of stuff that they disagree on or because they are worried about each other.

Also it's the last week of school, and I started hanging out with lulu and studying again so that's pretty cool.

Apr. 6th, 2012

I've been kinda busy with writing articles on Squidoo. So far, what I came up with is one on Prometheus and one meta one about writing on the site.

Um... I have two or three weeks to exams, and I still have one last report to do... GO DIE!

And I must say that I've been feeling kind of ill and lethargic lately, mostly due to the stress of having family problems and having to do my schoolwork while worrying about that. I think I'm going to have to take a day off, go to the beach or someplace soothing to clam myself soon.

How do i LJ App?

Oh. I accidentally posted to my other lj account when i actually meant to update this one. I'll come back and post the prevus misfire post tomorrow.

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well, that was an embarassing hiatus

Hmm... I'm back.
And I really, really want to continue blogging. Here.

I thought long and hard about whether want to switch blogs to another website, but nah. I think I've been here far too long, and I don't want to keep switching every few years or so.

Well, my school year is almost over. And the last time I updated was actually the start of the school year.

I still have work, but I'm gonna schedule in time to blog and keep track of stuff.

Also, I've gone back to the archives upon request of a friend (she was collecting data for her sociology essay), and I was startled (but not very shocked) at the way I wrote (and titled) my entries back then. It was quite scary to be honest and I think I was following some sort of fad like one of my favourite artist.

Ah well. Yes. I'll continue. Maybe I'll fill in more details of what I've been up to in the next entries to come.

Okay, so I've finally decided to upadte my journal more often. And i guess that means writing more mundane stuff. I guess i'm not really a journal-person after all.

Anyway, I've (finally) started university and it's pretty great. I know that my first few months or years in a new environment isn't always the best, so I was pretty apprehensive about going back to school after 8 months. (sidetrack: what the hell, singapore system)

I guess for me, it has been a lot of decisions that i had to make, and i guess my school situation is kinda odd right now. (yeah, way to go. I always get myself into wierd situations.

Firstly, I'm in faculty of arts and social sciences (fass), which means that to everyone who doesn't know me, I'm now an arts student. Me, the one that fails/barely passes a single test in hmanities. An arts student. What. Me, like most of the other science people in FASS, came here just to do psychology.

We're supposed to take 5 modules a semester, and it is done through this insane system of bidding, which I suck at, and I ended up with four official modules, and i didnt know that i was supposed to appeal for my fifth module.

But the thing is that, i wrote down all the modules that i wanted to attend, and i managed to squeeze out enough time to crash two more courses, meaning that i am effectiveky taking six modules. Hooray! Even though it kind of sucks to depend my friend to doenload and send me he slides and notes, it's totally good fun because I enjoy what i am learning, and there's hardly any stress of studying.

The bad part, ti me at least, is when people ask me what modules i am taking, and i think that most of themjust end up giving me a look of pity(???) because I have to take six modules in the next sem. Meh. No problem for me.

I still think I'm pretty darn blessed, though. I managed to find friends in every module, even those that I crashed, and my new friends are really nice to me. And it's fun when the math majors ask me why I (an 'arts' student) would willingly take their calculus module. I'm really not comfortable with these labels. It just doesn't say anything meaningful nor accurate about me.

I also considered transferring to the finance faculty,since I figured that I can do it well and it's intuitive for me (crash module, FIN2004 without it's prerequisite, ACC1002. End up understanding fin2004 better than acc1002. Lol.) but I don't think I'm ready to give up my love for psychology just yet. Besides, i guess my faculty is slack enough that I can take the finance modules that I wanted on my free time anyway.


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Oh hay I found some stuff in my drive, written early this year (when my holiday was just beginning, so I thought I could put it here. haha)

Just some reflections about myself and how I think, I guess:

1. Ambitions.
-used to be scholastic achievements and doing my best in my studies.
I used to think that financial success was out of my reach and I would probably be rich enough just by my job alone to live comfortably. Either way, it wasn’t that important because I’m not a materialistic person anyway.

-Now, I think I want to be financially secure. Not through getting a good job but rather through gaining enough financial knowledge.
--I know that morals are good and all but once a person is financially secure,

(I should learn to trust God more. Not just with the things I am incapable of influencing, such as getting into universities and

*I realized that writing and thinking take up a lot of mental energy, much more than the usual work of preparing for A levels. That would explain why I could go on for hours and hours (of sheer boredom) doing that to achieve the same level of mental tiredness as just a few hours of this.

I would conclude that possibly the amount of mental energy it requires for me to take in information, process it to understand what it means, and then integrate it with my current understanding of how things work and my current knowledge, is much more than the energy required for recalling facts and regurgitating them.

It feels like a wholly new ball game. On one hand there is this sensation of “oh noes, I am not getting any work done.” But that would probably be because of how I usually measure the amount of work I do by how many tutorials I have done and how far ahead of others I am. So this is pretty new, because I am covering a lot of other things which are not related to academic endeavours.

I get the feeling that I would turn out to become a new person (or slightly different) after this holiday. It is just that who I am in primary school is starkly different from who I was in upper or lower secondary, which again is different from who I was in the start of JC and who I am now. Just that the change happens gradually. Of course I feel it. Now that I actually make the effort to record things down I would know that the way I look at issues changes. And it would change how I see people and how I see issues.

Oh well.